Dr. Carolyn Kenny Celebration of Life

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The celebration of life honouring Dr. Carolyn Kenny was held on March 27, 2018 at First Nations House of Learning Sty Wet Tan Hall at University of British Columbia.

The evening was filled with sharing story, poetry, music, memories and beauty. Carolyn’s daughter, Shannon, and Shannon’s two daughters were present. All of Carolyn’s communities were invited: music therapy, Indigenous, research, and academia, friends, former students, and anyone who has been touched and inspired by Carolyn’s writings and by who she was.

Alpha Woodward has put together a PowerPoint Slide Show. Alpha would like to thank everyone who sent in photos. – I was not able to use all of them, but hope those that are here capture some of the essence of Carolyn’s life and the rich legacy she has left for us to carry forward. – Alpha

Thank you to Shona Ellis for providing the photos from the celebration.


The videos are available if you missed the celebration. Click here.

To view the flyer, click here.

Thank you.

Sue Baines
Susan Summers
Alpha Woodward
Richard Vedan

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