Over the years many certified music therapists have made a significant contribution to the profession of Music Therapy. To honour them and their contributions, MTABC has granted these members Lifetime memberships.


John Downes, MC, RCC, MTA

downesjohn63@gmail.com)John Downes is a graduate of the music therapy program at Wilfrid Laurier University (1989). He did his internship with Anne Johnson in Calgary and then began a private practice in music therapy in Edmonton, where he practiced for 17 years. John enjoyed working with a variety of client populations during this time, including adults with physical and mental handicaps, residents of care homes, and children with learning disabilities or ASD. John obtained a Master of Counselling Psychology in 2007, moved to Kelowna, and began working for Connect Counselling in 2008. As of 2022, John continues to work in both fields and is a member of the British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors, the CAMT, and MTABC. In addition to practicing music therapy, John was the president of the MTAA (Music Therapy Association of Alberta) for a few years, Chair of the CAMT National Conference held in Edmonton, volunteered in publicity for the CAMT for one year, was the regional representative for MTABC for the north Okanagan, presented at a CAMT conference in Victoria on his master’s project on songwriting in counselling, and supervised 10 music therapy interns, including one from Germany. Finally,  he taught an outreach course on music therapy for several years at Grant MacEwan College and an Introduction to Music Therapy course for Concordia College in Edmonton.


Valerie Weeks, MTA

Valerie Weeks has maintained a fulfilling practice as a Certified music therapist in Vancouver since 1993 in the areas of palliative care, hospice, ICU and elder care. She is a graduate of the WLU music therapy program under Dr. Rosemary Fisher, who was a treasured mentor. Her primary work settings have been St. Paul’s Hospital, Marion Hospice, Brock Fahrni Pavilion and Elim Village. She is especially grateful for the rich experience of having supervised many music therapy interns and students in these settings over the years, watching them blossom.

Valerie served on boards and committees for both the MTABC and CAMT from 1994-1998, and 2009-2012. She has been an invited speaker and panelist at regional, national, and international conferences for music therapy, palliative care and psychosocial oncology. She has also given presentations for the wider community on music therapy in such settings as Kwantlen University, Burnaby Hospice Society, Burnaby Hospital, Maple Ridge Music Society and the Arts Health Network. Her joint paper with Dr. Peter Dodek on initiating music therapy at the St. Paul’s Hospital ICU was published in the first edition of the CAMT Music Therapy journal in 1993. She was given Providence Healthcare’s Mission Award in 2018.

As a harpsichordist Valerie performed extensively in Canada, the United States and Europe. Her teachers included Greta Kraus, Gustav Leonhardt and Kenneth Gilbert. She received many awards during her playing career, including the Grand Prize of the CBC competition, and second prize at the Edinburgh International Harpsichord competition. She has performed with many outstanding Canadian orchestras and solo musicians, and is a founding member of three of Canada’s top early music ensembles. She has made numerous recordings of chamber music, and has been frequently heard on CBC radio over the past 40 years.

Valerie is very grateful for the community of music therapists here in BC, and the richness and beauty of this work.


Alpha Woodward, PhD, MMT, MTA, FAMI

I was truly blessed to have taken my undergraduate training at Capilano College with Liz Moffitt, Nancy McMaster and Kerry Burke! And I am deeply honored to be invited to join my illustrious peers and mentors as a lifetime member of MTABC Little did I know when I began my training that it would launch me into a career characterized by travel and transitions for the next 30 years. For the first 12 years I worked at Providence Health Care, but it was called St. Vincent’s Hospitals back then – a small portion of what it is today. I was hired to be the private contract music therapist for all four St. Vincent residential sites, but the organization witnessed the value of music therapy and, after 3 years, created a fulltime staff position into which I hired. St. Vincent’s eventually merged with several other hospital facilities to become the city-wide Providence Health Care we know today. Riding the wave of changes in the way healthcare was “delivered”, I advocated for music therapy as its own profession with the decision-makers, and this led music therapy to have a seat at the newly created Professional Practice Leadership Council in 1998. This coincided with my new MMT degree that I had just completed with Carolyn Kenny through the OLA. We were rocking it! Exciting times!

Five years later, in January 2004, I took a leave of absence to work overseas for the Humanitarian organization “Warchild” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I was galvanized by the magnitude of the music therapy project that was set up at the end of 5 years of violent internal armed siege by its citizens. My role was to lead a rotating team of international music therapists and translators working with children and youth who had been traumatized during the conflict. Originally planning to be away for 1 year, I decided to stay to help the program continue. I am proud of what I and the team accomplished in those 4 years but it was time to return home. In 2008 I entered a PhD program at Antioch University to review the challenges of prolonged humanitarian work in a foreign culture – especially in a role that requires empathy and compassion in a country that was experiencing collective culture shock. Since 2008 I have focused on a vocation of scholarship and academic instruction, fortified by the depth and scope of my experiences and the array of program possibilities we have in our trainings.

My training for Level III in BMGIM was massively interrupted by my time in Bosnia but I was able to complete Level III in 2017 (thank you Liz!) while teaching in Pennsylvania, and I am now a Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery. I have presented both my masters work and my humanitarian work internationally in the UK, Japan, Argentina, Canada, Bosnia, Italy, and the USA and I have several published journal articles and book reviews in Voices and The Arts in Psychotherapy.

Prior to coming to direct the music therapy program at Wartburg in Iowa, I taught in Montreal, Ireland, and Pennsylvania and I am a member of the Canadian Music Therapy Association (CAMT), the American Music Therapy Association (AMTA), the Irish Association of Creative Arts Therapies (IACAT) and the Music Therapy Association of British Columbia (MTABC). I continue to serve on several review boards of major peer-reviewed journals in Norway, Canada, USA and the online Forum ‘Voices’. I enjoy sitting on several thesis committees across the USA, and I also served on the Accreditation Review Board in Canada when MTA candidates were still submitting (very hefty) files for review. Thank you MTABC for the incredibly amazing work that has been accomplished over the 30 years I have been a member. I have served as the Professional Development Chair and Ethics Chair at different points along the way – and remained loyal through the wobbly bits — but mostly I have appreciated the benefits we all enjoy because of those who have served selflessly through thick and thin.


Don Hardy (Honorary Membership)

Don Hardy graduated from Open University in 1990, after studying at Capilano College (later Capilano University). At Capilano, he was the recipient of the Paul Gallagher Scholarship for Excellence, and carried the mantra of excellence into his music therapy career. That career started at George Pearson Centre where he was the project leader for the Supercussion Project, an internationally recognized program for creating music performance opportunities for people living with severe physical disabilities through the use of the then new MIDI technology. Supercussion was honoured to give a Command Performance for His Honour David Lam, Lieutenant Governor of B.C. Moving into private practice, he specialized in working with adult survivors of traumatic brain injuries, and later, children, youth and adults living with autism. He opened Canada’s first free standing independent Music Therapy clinic; numerous students and interns trained there under his tutelage. A believer in giving back, he has served on the Boards of The Fraser McPherson Jazz Scholarship, The Summer Pops Youth Orchestra, and MTABC, where he served as the Jobs Coordinator. He did post graduate study at the National School of Music in Havana, Cuba and at the William Osler School for Autism in Santiago de Cuba. He continues to perform, sees a small number of long term clients and produces Musical Theatre and concerts.

Sue Baines, PhD, MTA, FAMI

Sue Baines has spent her life working for social justice toward realizing her personal quest of creating peace through music. She became a professional musician at the age of fourteen when she got her first job accompanying ballet classes on the piano. Sue graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Music in 1984, specializing in composition, theory, music education, and accompanying. She continued in master’s studies in music theory with full scholarship at the University of Calgary but chose to leave after one year to pursue an Honours Bachelor of Music Therapy at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo, ON. Completing her coursework in 1989, she was invited to intern with Helen Grob in New York City working in a developmental delay clinic and a skilled nursing facility that supported persons with Huntington’s Disease in a specialty hospital in upper Manhattan and a therapeutic nursery for high risk toddlers and moms in Spanish Harlem. She was subsequently hired full-time at an agency that served people with visual impairment working first in their school program with children with developmental delays and mental illness and then the adult program with persons with the same diagnoses. In the evening, she completed her Master of Arts in Music Therapy at New York University (1992). She returned to Canada in 1993, working for a year in Toronto and then moving to Vancouver in 1994. In 1997, she was hired to teach piano to music therapy students at Capilano College, a job she values to this day. Over the subsequent years at Capilano University, Sue has taken on increased academic teaching and faculty responsibilities. In 1999, she became a Fellow of the Association of Music and Imagery. Concurrently, she worked in many settings including youth custody, psychiatry, forensic psychiatry, community mental health, long-term care, schools, with persons with developmental delays, and in Adult Day Care. In 2011, Sue was invited to pursue a research doctorate through the University of Limerick, IR and she graduated in 2013 while maintaining her full-time music therapy practice in Vancouver. She gratefully acknowledges the financial support of the University of Limerick as well as the Canadian Music Therapy Fund Michael Cohl Scholarship. Furthering her goal of social justice, Sue has authored many articles, chapters, and book reviews, her first in the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy in 1994. She has been a member of both the CAMT and MTABC boards and has been the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy since 2016. Sue continues to work in long-term care as well as to perform regularly both solo and with a number of local bands. She would like to thank the many people who volunteer for MTABC keeping our professional organization relevant and strong.

Sally Howard, MTA

Sally majored in Flute studies at Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan Community College in Edmonton, Alberta. She graduated in 1987 and soon after tried out for the Music Therapy program at Capilano College. Having worked with adults in group homes for many years, she felt that she had the skills, desire & curiosity to combine music with special populations.

Sally graduated from Capilano University in 1990 and has worked at many long-term care homes for 30 years, most recently at Hawthorne Care Centre for many years. She was the MTABC treasurer from 1995-1997, has been an outstanding supervisor for many students and interns, and brings a wealth of knowledge, passion, and expertise to her professional life.

Working with people in dementia care has been a very rewarding experience for Sally. Over the years she has worked with many skilled and compassionate people including clients, families and fellow team members

Highlights over her last 30 years include:

    • Remaining continually employed throughout the ever-changing landscape of Health Care in British Columbia… there were several times when Sally had to jump ship and seek employment elsewere or, join the picket line!
    • Presenting on expression of feelings with dementia care residents with my friend & colleague Mary Benson RT (Sir Wilfred Laurier May 1995, Express Yourself!)
    • Starting the Music therapy program at Kiwanis Care Center / now called Berkeley – what a lovely choir! And Bill’s Buskers Corner (resident run program C&W)
    • Working with some very talented and patient people: Yoying Orosa, Susan Summers, Janet Power RT, Susan Higgan-Botham SW, Michael Sochor, Carole Inkson RT, Chantal Jolly, Wendy Watts and many more…

Currently Sally is in her 16th year with Hawthorne Seniors Care Community, working in dementia care and focussing on helping people to feel safe and connected to family in the the midst of the Covid -19 crisis.


Sandy Pelley, MTA

Sandy Pelley is a Certified Music Therapist who owns and runs Creative Music Therapy Solutions and Music Therapy Suite as well as has a small clinical practice, working mostly with children on the autism spectrum. She graduated in 1989 with a diploma from Capilano, returning to Capilano University and receiving her degree in 1994. Sandy also has a BA in Psychology from Simon Fraser University. Sandy has been a member of both the MTABC and the CAMT since 1987. She has been the Accreditation Chair for the CAMT, and a Regional Representative, as well as currently sits on the board for the Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund.


Stephen Williams, MCAT, MTA

Stephen Williams received his MTABC lifetime membership in 2018 after working in the profession of music therapy for 31 years. For a good portion of that time Stephen has been a therapist educator in the Capilano University Bachelor of Music Therapy program, as well as the program coordinator. He is passionate about the profession and about preparing others for success in the profession. He has been on the MTABC Board of Directors for a brief period when he initiated the annual MTABC conference many years ago, then created the continuing education workshops and the archive of video recordings that are available to members. Stephen also has worked on dozens of national and provincial committees.

Marni Brechin, MTA

Marni graduated from the Music Therapy Program at Capilano (then College) University in 1988. She is certified with the Canadian Association for Music Therapists, and is an active member in the Music Therapy Association of BC. Marni has written several articles in The Drumbeat as part of her commitment to promoting the practice of Music Therapy. She has served in various capacities such as Regional Rep and Conference Planning Committee and is a member of the Music Therapy Professional Practice Council of Fraser Health. Marni has operated her contracting business “Sound Source Music Therapy Services” for 30 years, and is also employed by the Fraser Health Authority at NetCARE, a Day Program for Older Adults, where she has worked for over 26 years . She specializes in Music Therapy programming for Older Adults. Marni has seen first-hand how Music Therapy can help mitigate the losses experienced in this season of life. Her Music Therapy practice is informed by the passionate conviction that a person’s years of experience have great value; that their skill sets, and knowledge base should be celebrated and acknowledged in many ways.

D.Louise Whitehead, MMT, MTA

D. Louise Whitehead is a certified Music Therapist who has been working in the field for over 30 years. In 1981 she graduated with a BMus degree from Mount Allison University in Sackville, NB and then found her way west settling in Vancouver, BC. After working for several years in the Vancouver Public Library she applied and was accepted into the music therapy program at Capilano College. She graduated in 1988 and starting working in a variety of clinical settings with children, adolescents, adults and older adults, later settling into two part time positions. Her first position was at Riverview Hospital (Provincial Mental Health Facility) where she worked from 1988 until the doors closed in July 2012. Currently she works at Sunny Hill Health Centre for Children on the Acute Rehabilitation Team. During 1996-1998 Louise had the honor of being part of the first Master of Music Therapy program in Canada under the wonderful mentorship of Carolyn Kenny. Louise has been actively involved with both MTABC & CAMT over the years including: MTABC Treasurer/Membership 1989-95; MTABC Mini conference committees (the early years); CAMT accreditation interviews; CAMT conference committees; MTABC Director of Ethics 2004-09.


Leah Rosling, MTA, FAMI

“Life without Music Is No Life at All” Nietzsche

Leah’s studies in Music Therapy began at Capilano College (now University) in 1983 with an internship at Riverview and Valleview Psychiatric hospitals. This was followed by her first position at Burnaby Hospital that began as a .2 FTE and became a full-time position working primarily with elderly but also residents with progressive illnesses requiring long term care. Later she earned a Fellowship in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music, two levels of Mari Mandala Assessment, plus introductory studies in various healing arts and a short stint at Essex University in Jungian studies.

Leah served as vice-president of MTABC from 2004-2006, has been an active supervisor of both practicum and internship students since 1986, and has served in her current position of Professional Practice Leader at Providence Health Care since 2005.

Leah writes: throughout this 35-year career I have been enormously blessed with remarkable mentors, gifted teachers and deep friendships with fellow music therapists that have sustained me through the very darkest of times with kindness, wonderful humour, music, food, wine and Beauty. You know who you are!

15 years ago, a little child came to live with me. This granddaughter is now an exceedingly lovely young woman, dark in the light and light in the dark, which is why I needed to include her in this photo.

Thank you all for so many riches and the honour of living a life in Music Therapy.


Maudie van Klaveren, MTA, FAMI

Maudie van Klaveren has been a lifetime member of MTABC since 2014. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University and is a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery (FAMI). She is a music therapist, a practitioner of the BMGIM, a performing artist, and a teacher.

Maudie continues to have a private music therapy practice in Victoria, B.C. as well as having provided comprehensive music therapy programming for the veterans of George Derby Centre in Burnaby for 4 1/2 years. She has a deeply-held belief that music consistently provides a conduit for establishing and fostering meaningful connections and attachments, and for strengthening relationship bonds.
She is dedicated to recognizing each individuals’ unique strengths and challenges which she honours, validates, and nurtures in her work.


Gabriele Clement, MTA, FAMI

Gabriele graduated from the Music Therapy program in 1983 and has been working in the field ever since. She has a background in analytical MT and psychodynamic approaches (Germany), and has completed trainings in both GIM and NMT. Currently she is employed with Providence Health.

Gabriele loves working with people from all walks of life. Witnessing how music can touch the soul, release deep emotions, and contribute to positive change and healing is a never-ending privilege.


Kristine Theurer, PhD, MTA

Dr. Kristine Theurer is a certified music therapist who has worked in residential care for over 20 years. She has pioneered the use of standardized peer support programs to address loneliness and social isolation in senior living. Kristine is a published author of a number of research articles, the most recent of which The Need for a Social Revolution in Residential Care is the most downloaded article in the Journal of Aging Studies. She is currently continuing her research as a PhD candidate at the University of British Columbia. Kristine leads training workshops for staff working in health care in Canada and the US and presents regularly at international conferences. She has a Master of Arts in Gerontology and received numerous research awards including grants from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada. She serves on the planning committee for the national conference on culture change in Canada, hosted by the Schlegel-University of Waterloo Research Institute for Aging.

Cheryl Sidenburg, MSc, MTA

Retired Certified Music Therapist (MTA) 2011
Music Therapist Interior Health 1995-2010
Masters of Science in Community Health Administration and Wellnewss Promotion 1995-2005
Nordoff Robins Music Therapy Program London England 1980-1981
BA Music Education University of Western Ontario 1976-1980
CAMT President 1989-1990
President Kelowna Community Music School 2008-2015
Author of Music Talks Through Therapy
Lives in Kelowna BC and continues to work for Interior Health in the Population Health Portfolio



Laurie Greenwood, MTA, FAMI

Laurie is a certified Music Therapist and has been a Fellow with the Association for Music and Imagery since 2009.
She received a diploma in Music Therapy from Capilano College in 1980 and a Bachelors degree from Open University in conjunction with Capilano College in 1991. In the 1980’s the B.C. Chapter of CAMT was started. Laurie was Secretary Treasurer from 1981-83 and President from 1983-85. Laurie was Western Secretary to the Registrar (Accreditation) for CAMT from 1985-93. She has co-presented at conferences and had summaries of presentations published.
She received her Lifetime Membership from MTABC in 2010.
From 1981-2014 Laurie worked in geriatrics: planning, implementing, and evaluating programs for residents in hospital and residential care and supervising students from Capilano University.
Since 2014, Laurie has been working individually with clients using the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery and Music. More at lauriegreenwood.com

Mary Rykov, PhD, MTA, FAMI

Dr. Mary H. Auerbach Rykov is a Toronto-based writing mentor who holds a PhD in Adult Education (OISE/UT 2006), an MA in Music Therapy (NYU 1995), and a DipMT (Capilano 1980). Her songs, fiction, poems, essays, and music therapy research are published in various venues. She worked as an MTA clinician from 1980 to 2015 with individuals from birth to death — she caught them coming and going. Mary now serves as journal reviewer and is available for workshops, lectures, and distance learning mentorships. More at http://maryrykov.com.


Kay Thompson, MTA

Kay Thompson was in the third class of the music therapy program at Capilano College, completing the diploma program in 1980 and getting her MTA. She worked in long-term care initially for many years. She served on the CAMT Board for several years on the Accreditation committee, co-chaired the CAMT conference in Vancouver in the mid-80’s, and was president of the BC Chapter (now MTABC) from 1981-83. Kay has the distinction of naming the MTABC newsletter, the Drumbeat! Since then Kay has been involved with Guided Imagery in Music training programs, assisting Liz Moffitt, the first GIM certified trainer in Canada. This work has been most rewarding because she has been able to share her passion for this field with generations of students. In the summer of 2016, Liz and many previous students honoured her work and their friendship for Kay’s 80th birthday, gifting her with a special mandala. Kay wants to express many thanks to the students and all those who have shared their deep experiences through sessions and supervisions that helped to enrich her life.


Doreen Alexander, MTA

Doreen Alexander was a member of the first Music Therapy graduating class at Capilano College (now Capilano University). Her first two years of practise were with special needs children and with seniors at Valleyview Psychiatric Hospital. From 1980 to 1997 she was the music therapist at the University Hospital where she had a diverse clinical practice in the Extended Care, Psychiatric and Acute Care units. During this time she completed her Bachelor of Music Therapy and was continually involved in music therapy research.

Her contribution to the Canadian Association Of Music Therapy began in 1978. She held many positions including newsletter editor, accreditation committee chairperson and president of the association for three years. She organized many conferences and outreach programs and presented at conferences in Canada and the United States. One highlight of her career was two teaching tours in Japan under the auspices of Dr. S. Hinohara who was a tireless promoter of music therapy.

In her retirement she has changed focus to care for her family and volunteer with the Vancouver Hospice Society.

Mary Reher, MTA, FAMI

As a certified Music Therapist, Mary Reher holds a Bachelor degree in Music Therapy from Capilano University, and has been a Fellow of the Association for Music and Imagery since 1996. She has presented at conferences on her work using GIM with a First Nations client, and on Music and Imagery in healing unresolved grief in children. Mary has written articles and authored chapters for two books: “The Creative Arts Therapies in Adoption and Foster Care”, and “Guided Imagery & Music (GIM) and Music Imagery Methods for Individual and Group Therapy”.

Enjoying the diversity of working with many ages and clientele, Mary has crafted a practice that uniquely fits her life and her long time home in the community of Pender Island and the southern Gulf Islands. As well as working under contract with School District #64, Mary offers workshops, retreats and private sessions.

Both Mary and her husband Andy Nowak live close to their values and land. They built the straw bale house in which they reside, and established the large organic garden and orchard that feeds them year-round.

Jeremie Tucker, MTA

Seeing homeless people asleep on a grate on a bitterly cold day in Boston when she was 10 years old awakened in her a calling to reduce suffering and poverty for everyone (typical child’s dream) and was the start of a helping career of some kind. Jeremie attended Harvard University for three years in Sciences and Psychology before marrying her Physics teacher there and coming out to Vancouver. She was lucky enough to be in the first class of Music Therapy at Cap in 1976, a transformative two years that helped her come into her own. Although she had little music ( but lots of psych background), UBC Preschool offered her a Music Therapy job the first summer between the two years at Cap!

She led one-hour MT sessions at multiple sites plus held a half time Shaughnessy Veterans Hospital position until 1993 when the full time job at Queens Park Extended Care came up. She had innumerable marvellous times there, developing Music Therapy in their Day Health and Hospice programs as the facility added them. Supervised a total of 39 Practicum students and Interns until 2017. The student were pure gold, each so different and adding so much to the work.

She retired from those exciting 40 years only because of severe arthritis, and would preferred to have worked until age 90.

Kerry Burke, MTA

Kerry Burke has been a Music Therapist for over 30 years. He is also a music educator and performer, and combines these with music therapy for a unique approach to using music with preschoolers. Kerry teaches music therapy at Capilano University and has worked with many populations over the years. His business MakeMusic!! uses music to educate and entertain thousands of kids each year in fairs and exhibitions.


Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, MTA

Dr. Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, NMT, MTAis a certified music therapist and vocal psychotherapist (Dr. Diane Austin) who has worked with adults and older adults in community, residential care and in hospice care since 1988. A graduate of Capilano College/University, Susan earned her Master of Music Therapy degree from BC Open University and her PhD in Leadership and Change from Antioch University, both under the supervision of Dr. Carolyn Kenny. Susan has level two GIM training and introductory training in Neurologic Music Therapy.

She has been involved continuously with MTABC since the early 1990’s. She was president of the MTABC from 1998 – 2002 and 2007-2013, as well as serving as past president, secretary, Director of Advocacy and Government Regulations, and chairperson for the BC Royal Commission on Health Care and Costs in 1990. She has served on the CAMT board as Vice president and Advocacy chair, as well as being the chairperson of the Government Regulation committee and co-ethics team lead on client testimonials/images. Susan is a founding board member of the Music Heals charity, Arts Health Network Canada charity, and is strongly connected with music therapy gaining statutory regulation in BC. She has been an invited instructor in Germany for twenty-five years and has supervised over 40 interns throughout her career.

Susan has been involved in dementia care research at the University of British Columbia and in her doctoral research explored how singing can be a healing influence for change and transformation in the personal journey of music therapists trained in vocal psychotherapy. She is a regular presenter at national music therapy conferences, has presented at two World Congresses, and has published articles in the Canadian Journal of Music Therapy, Voices, Dictionary of Music Therapy (Kirkland), and Voicework in music therapy: Research and practice (Baker & Uhlig). Susan continues to be passionate about and actively involved in music therapy after 30 years.

Kevin Kirkland, PhD, MTA, FAMI

Dr. Kevin Kirkland has taught half time since 2009 in Capilano University’s Music Therapy program and also works as a Certified Music Therapist with adults in treatment for mental health and addictions issues in an inpatient setting. He brings a research-informed depth perspective to the classroom. Kevin completed his PhD in 2004 on the topic of trauma and the creative arts. He is also fully trained in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery & Music. He has done research on music therapy’s role in the care of persons with dementia. He has also published on the same topic in both books and journals. Kevin also edited the International Dictionary of Music Therapy (Routledge, 2013). His current publication and research interests focus on concurrent disorders.


Carolyn Kenny, PhD, MT-BC, MTA, professor emeritus Antioch University

Dr. Carolyn Kenny was a co-founder of the Capilano University music therapy program and the creator of the first Masters of Music Therapy degree in collaboration with BC Open University in 1995. She was an outstanding researcher, instructor, and mentor to thousands of students in music therapy, indigenous studies, leadership and change, and other degree programs. She was a sought after keynote speaker and presenter at national and international conferences, and a well-published author. Carolyn was part of the initial team that established the Music Therapy Association of BC and her vision, service and commitment to music therapy in Canada is still felt. For further information, please see: https://www.mtabc.com/dr-carolyn-bereznak-kenny/​

Nancy McMaster, MA, MTA

Nancy McMaster is a Canadian Music Therapy pioneer.
She co-founded the first Music Therapy training program in Canada in 1976 together with Carolyn Kenny and has continued to inspire and mentor Music Therapy students there, at Capilano University.
Nancy’s clinical training is eclectic: Nordoff-Robbins, Guided Imagery and Music, and graduate studies in Music Psychotherapy at NYU. She has worked with children, teens and adults in private practice for over 45 years.
Nancy has been an invited presenter in several countries including Japan, Germany and the U.S., in addition to Canada.
She is a published author in several international books about Music Therapy and in several Music Therapy journals.
Nancy has also been a performing and recording musician for 40 years.

Liz Moffitt, MA, MTA, RCC, FAMI, Faculty Emeritus, Capilano University

Liz Moffitt M.A. MTA. RCC. Fellow, and Primary Trainer of AMI, Faculty Emeritus, Capilano University is a Lifetime member since March 2000.
Music Therapist and Fellow of AMI, and a Primary Trainer, endorsed by the Association for Music and Imagery, AMI. She taught in the Capilano University Music Therapy program for 35 years and has conducted all the levels of GIM trainings in Canada for 17 years.
She is also a Registered Clinical Counsellor, a Certified Music Therapist and Gestalt Therapist who works with adults in private practice. She offers GIM trainings across Canada through the Inner Journey with GIM.Ca Training Program based in Vancouver, B.C.

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