Moving the Profession Forward: Music Therapy in Mental Health

Featuring Dr. Michael J. Silverman, Conference Keynote Speaker

Saturday, November 7, 2020

Who keeps moving our cheese?
Navigating the wind of change in mental health

In 1964, Robert Zimmerman (better known as Bob Dylan) released his appropriately titled song β€œThe times they are a-changing.” Despite being over 50 years old, this song still rings true. While we may not agree on the direction or speed of change, perhaps we share a common space in agreeing that Dylan was correct in 1964 and still is correct today: The times they are a-changing. During a time of unprecedented changes and challenges in our various spaces, it is especially vital for us to come together as a community, listen to disparate voices and narratives, and connect with each other while practicing humility, responsiveness, and awareness. While we may yearn for in-person engagement with our music therapy colleagues, we are fortunate to be able to connect during a virtual conference. Inspired by our changing times and the need to connect, this presentation will highlight changes and challenges to music therapy in mental health. Weaving between clinical anecdotes and the research literature, the presenter will address language, outcomes, and recognition situated within adult mental health settings.

Michael J. Silverman (Ph.D., MT-BC; Full Professor) is the Director of the Music Therapy Program and a Distinguished Teaching Professor at the University of Minnesota. Widely published in peer-reviewed journals including the Journal of Music Therapy, the Nordic Journal of Music Therapy, and Psychology of Music, Dr. Silverman authored Music therapy in mental health for illness management and recovery (published by Oxford University Press). Dr. Silverman has received funding from the University of Minnesota, the American Music Therapy Association, and the National Institutes of Health and reviewed grants for the National Endowment for the Arts and the European Science Federation. An active presenter at regional, national, and international conferences, he is a member of the research staff at the University Hospital where he is engaged in music therapy clinical practice and research with adults with mental health and substance use conditions.

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