Conference 2016 Preliminary Program

Vocal-Led Relaxation: Demonstration, discussion and adaptations.

Supriya Crocker, MTA, BMT, BSC

If you’re looking for piano and vocal techniques to target goal areas of pain, anxieties, and depression for your clients, come join this presentation. While you lie supine on a mat, Supriya will demonstrate Esther Thane’s published model of vocal-led relaxation. Afterwards, she will discuss basic physiological, cognitive and biological responses to this technique and talk about adaptations for working with seniors and adults. Participants also will get to talk about specific modifications to target their client’s needs. Be ready to relax, feel rejuvenated and engage in discussion!


Supriya Crocker is a music therapist and music educator in Victoria, BC. Her clients range from children to seniors, dealing with cognitive, emotional and behavioral challenges. Supriya is on a journey of building insight and developing her articulation to the specifics of “why” (why does music therapy work?). She is sometimes known to get goose pimples of excitement when talking about the resounding impact that aptly used music therapy interventions have on our bodies and brains.

GIM In the World of Music Therapy

Liz Moffitt, MA, RCC, FAMI, Primary Trainer of BMGIM
Noele Bird, MMT, RCC, FAMI, Associate Trainer

This presentation will discuss where GIM fits within the broader context of the Music Therapy field, helping to define the field of Music Therapy. It will include a brief description of the underlying principles of the Bonny Method of GIM as a model of Music Therapy as well as adaptations of GIM. We will present a short demonstration of this 1-1 method and offer a group imaging experience for all participants to explore their own experience through music and the potential benefits of this method.


Liz Moffitt is a Fellow of AMI, and a Primary Trainer, endorsed by the Association for Music and Imagery, AMI. She taught in the Capilano University Music Therapy program for 35 years and has conducted all the levels of GIM trainings in Canada for 15 years. She is also a Registered Clinical Counsellor, an Accredited Music Therapist and Gestalt Therapist who works with adults in private practice. She offers GIM trainings across Canada through the Inner Journey with GIM.Ca Training Program based in Vancouver, B.C.


Noele Bird is a Fellow of AMI, Associate Trainer of AMI, Accredited Music Therapist and Clinical Counsellor who specializes in bereavement work and palliative care. Noele assists with trainings being offered by the Inner Journey with GIM Program and is a program individual therapist and supervisor.

Influence of Music Therapy on Residents with Dementia in Residential Care Facilities

Madeleine Bourdages, BMT, MTA, MA Candidate

This qualitative research study explores the influence of group music therapy sessions on engagement, social interaction and enjoyment in residents with dementia. Data was collected through focused ethnographic observations and interviews, and together, provide a rich and in-depth understanding of the process and outcomes related to group music therapy. The findings of this study provide substantive insights on the role of music therapy in improving the quality of life for residents with dementia and have practice implications for music therapy programming in care homes.


Maddie is an accredited music therapist with six years experience working with older adults. Her private practice, “Howe Sound Music Therapy”, is based out of Squamish and serves clients from Vancouver to Whistler. Maddie is also working on a master’s degree in gerontology through Simon Fraser University and is studying music therapy and dementia. Maddie loves the outdoors and enjoys hiking, biking and rock climbing with her husband, friends, and family.

Professional Identity: Therapist values through the lens of social activism

Stephen Williams, MTA

As an established Music Therapy profession in Canada, we have shared ethics, a scope of practice, strong clinicianship, ongoing research and a thriving professional membership. At this point in our profession, it may be time to re-examine our identity as therapists. Through the lens of his own social activism, Stephen will suggest our profession needs a stronger reflection on the link between our personal values and our role as therapists. Using examples from his own life, you will be guided through a series of personal reflections.


Stephen is an educator and therapist. He has been a Music Therapist for almost 30 years. He has taught in the Capilano University’s Bachelor of Music Therapy program for the past 25 years. Stephen has been on both the CAMT and the MTABC boards, and currently is on the FACTBC board for counsellor regulation. He has held a variety of leadership roles in and outside the profession of Music Therapy, including as a faculty representative on Capilano University’s Board of Governors.

Sharing beyond the team: Publishing your clinical experiences

Sue Baines, PhD, MTA
Jane Edwards, PhD
Carolyn Kenny, PhD

The panel of seasoned clinician/researcher/scholar/authors will present their personal stories of the process of bringing their music therapy practice to publication. Through this experience, participants will learn how to expand the way they organize and document their practice to include a research focus that can readily lead to publication. A spectrum of research methodologies will be discussed and tips on how to get the writing process started and completed will be offered. Participants will have the opportunity to consult the panel regarding their publication dreams.

Sue Baines small

Sue Baines, PhD, MTA, FAMI teaches in the Bachelor of Music Therapy program at Capilano University. Dr. Baines has practiced music therapy with persons with diverse physical, emotional, social, and spiritual concerns in many settings. The focus of her research is integrating social justice with music therapy practice. Since 1994, Dr. Baines has practiced in Vancouver and currently serves persons in long term care and persons in crisis with dual-diagnosis intellectual deficit/mental health.

Jane Edwards, PhD. Please read her bio in the conference 2016 page.

Alix photo of Carolyn 1

Carolyn Kenny, PhD Carolyn Kenny, PhD, is Professor Emerita at Antioch University and previously held the position of professor of First Nations Education at Simon Fraser University, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research at the University of California Santa Barbara, Associate Professor in First Nations Education at Simon Fraser University and Visiting Professor at many universities in Canada, Europe, and Japan.

The ethical use of client images and information in the promotion of music therapy practice

Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, NMT, MTA
Nicole Burgess, BMus, MTA

Susan and Nicole serve on the CAMT ethics committee exploring the ethical use of client images and information in promotion of our practice. The presenters will discuss the initial findings of the CAMT committee, sharing how we can promote our work in social media and on our websites, the potential for harm for our clients, how other professional organizations are using client images, and how to obtain informed consent. This information is relevant for all music therapists, students, and interns and will include time for discussion.


Susan Summers, PhD, AVPT, NMT, MTA, is a music therapist, vocal psychotherapist, instructor at Capilano University, is the Director of Government Relations on the MTABC board, and is the co-chair of the CAMT committee on the ethical use of client images and information in promotion.

nicoleNicole Burgess, MTA, is a music therapist working in hospice and complex care, an advanced trainee in the Bonny Method of Guided Imagery, serves as the MTABC ethics chairperson and is a member of the CAMT committee on the ethical use of client images and information in promotion.


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